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A new laboratory will be online in 2016 with LC-MS/MS, new culture incubation, and MORE!  

To inquire about TRUFFLE CULTIVATION - Please visit: 

Pacific Truffle Growers 

Microbiological Laboratory Testing

Founded in 2011, Napa Valley Fungi provides you with the convenience of local service in the North Bay Area, operating by the same strict protocols and quality control standards as other ISO 17025 compliant facilities, and offers highly-specialized microbiological laboratory testing services in a clean facility practicing ANSI standard quarantine procedures for working with plant pathogens. Napa Valley Fungi is operated by a consulting arborist, WCISA #WE-9457A, PNW CTRA #1563. We offer services in such diverse areas as the following:

Environmental Microbiology: Aerobic plate count

    Anaerobic plate count 

    Fungal plate count  

            Detections of fungal plant pathogens from plants, soil, water, and air

        Detection of fungal plant pathogens in seeds, leaves, roots, and stems

    Identification of fungi based on morphological characteristics 

    Cultural characterization

    Microbiological identification (Bacteria and Fungi)

    Microscopic examination of unknown substances

    Fungal spore ornamentation identification through Scanning Electron Microscopy  

Environmental Sampling:     Soil sampling for presence of mycorrhizal fungi species - Glomales, Rhizopogon, Tuber 

            Soil sampling for presence of pathogenic root fungi species - Armilaria, Fusarium, Mortierella, Trichoderma, Rhizoctonia, Rhizopus, Sclerotinia

    Phytophthora ImmunoStrip testing

    Serological and culture plate methods for detecting Phytophthora and Pythium  

Nucleic Acid-based techniques for diagnosis of plant pathogens:



Truffle Cultivation              

We offer site location evaluation services, orchard design, annual testing of plant nutrients, annual testing of soil nutrients, pruning, and annual root evaluation for the presence of Tuber fungi (PCR Nucleic Acid testing services listed above). We will service any orchard of any size and do not require truffles from our clients for our services.  The continuous scientific evaluation of hazelnut and oak tree orchards is necessary for success in truffle cultivation.  

Mushroom Cultivation          

Our mushrooms are grown on recycled waste products from the wine country. We use barrels, corks, oak sawdust, straw, grapevines, and grape pumice as nutrient media for the cultivation of medicinal fungi that are sold wholesale to restaurants of the Napa Valley.  We grow a variety of culinary mushrooms and medicinal fungi (Ganoderma, Hericium, Maitake, Nameko, Oyster, Piopino, and Shiitake), we produce growing kits, fungi compost, and educational tools for children and adults.  We are a new and growing company with our laboratory facility located in Napa and our mushroom growing facility is located in Vallejo, CA.   


Napa Valley Fungi offers seminars and training on fungi identification for better diagnostics of plant health; mushroom hunting forays as a team building exercise for arborist companies, wineries, and restaurants; cultivation classes for elementary school programs and general interest in mushroom cultivation; seminars and training on medicinal mushrooms, their uses and benefits, and cooking with fungi for medicinal cuisine. 

Other services offered by Napa Valley Fungi:

• Sudden Oak Death Prevention and Mitigation 

• Pest & Disease Management

• Tree Risk Assessment 

• Planting and Construction Site Preservation 

• Small Pruning Projects

• Mycorrhizal remediation of soil and plants

• Testing for the presence of Mycorrhizal fungi from previous remediation


Mushrooms are medicine, and mushrooms will save the word.  EAT MORE FUNGI! 

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Thank you for your interest in Napa Valley Fungi.  

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